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The basis for the new Thermocold was created thanks to a meeting between some businessmen from Veneto and Thermocold Property in Bari in light of a common project with both parties having the same purpose.

Giovanni Renna, a thermo-technical engineer with a vast wealth of experience in many qualified societies of this field, has been appointed Managing Director.

Even now, where there are very few corresponding similarities in the European production context, strategy planning and intense investments intent on enabling production structure with the most advanced testing systems begins.

Even in 1995 Thermocold provides a range of chillers and heating pumps with a power of up to 100 kW endowed with scroll compressors.


Thermocold obtains the ISO 9001 certification, later renewed according to ISO 9001:2000 requirements (Vision 2000), and patented cooling units for ENERGY and QUATTRO polyvalent models.

Computer investments increase. Through the introduction of a newly sophisticated software to help in the planning, scheduling and checking; the company is placed in a position of strong competition in regards to their ability to provide quick and effective answers to more and more demanding clients.


Thanks to obtained results and remarkable growth capability, the basis to double production surfaces is created and the strengthening of technical structure begins. As the first in the world market, Thermocold proposes chillers with scroll tandem compressors in order to improve the efficiency at partial loads.


Is the year of screw compressor research, leading to the birth of the MODULO V with power up to 740 kW.


The company widens their production and establishment.


The entire range of Thermocold products is available with ecological condensers, R134a and R407C, preceding all competitors and still linked to R22 for some products. At the same time, the application of double cooling unit plate exchangers and R410A research begins.

As the first one in the sector, Thermocold realizes and presents an innovative Internet site which breaks traditional schemes and offers a way to readily communicate with the market and its agents, providing all necessary information in an extensive way. In the same year the institutional CD-ROM with a strong communicative impact is introduced, and several meetings with sector operators regarding many topical matters (from noise to energy conservation) are arranged, reinforcing the popularity of the Thermocold brand both in a national and international context.

Most importantly, the year 2000 represents a year of purposeful strategic redefinition with the aim of marking univocal future company activities. The strategies are essentially concentrated on the pursuit of policies that respect the environment, and intent on supplying products able to provide a minimal environmental impact, they are essentially expressed as follows:

  1. an increase and improvement of the energy performance for future product lines in order to increase the cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption;
  2. research for products with alternative cooling fluids, which are more reliable and have lower environmental impact, aimed at avoiding the problems concerning the greenhouse effect;
  3. reduction of noise pollution through the study of wide series low noise products, which can even be installed in highly protected zones characterized by extremely restrictive acoustic bonds;
  4. highly innovative solutions making the activities of designers and fitters easier;
  5. an attention and sensitivity towards all processes which bring meaningful benefits to the reduction of environmental impacts in consequence to production activities.


As the first company by far, Thermocold market launches two new lines of chillers and revolutionary heating pumps. The first one regards the MODULO P series, with power from 160 to 400 kW, equipped with double cooling unit plate exchangers. The second regards PROZONE models and which are by far the first current products using the R410A condenser. At the same time the series of DAW pool dehumidifiers is proposed.


Some important and meaningful new innovations are launched on the market:

  • VITRONIC WATER F with R134a condenser, the first series of devices with the flood evaporator which allows an increase in energy efficiency reaching E.E.R. higher than 14,3% during the summer cycle and COP higher than 13,5% during the winter cycle with respect to those of the traditional water-water unit, and a 15% reduction of a years’ entire management costs;
  • ENERGY New Release 2002 the total recovery poly-functional cooling group, patented since 1996, available in a range of powers up to 350 kW;
  • The range of AWA/Z-E and R407C cooling units with scroll tandem compressors is extended up to 250 kW, a line of cooling devices with better energy efficiency than the  equivalent units with alternative semi-hermetic compressors.

Thermocold obtains the Vision 2000 and PED certifications.


The innovation and expansion process of an already wide range of products, along with the introduction of AWA ENERSAVE onto the market; the first Italian line of water condensers and heating pumps equipped with scroll multi-compressors with very high-performance in terms of consumption and able to develop up to 820 cooling kW.

With the introduction of the Air System Technologies (AST) new line, Thermocold gets into the sector of direct expansion with a wide range of units, among which are:

  • BLOC AIR, built-in single-bloc units with condensation centrifugal fans;
  • ROOF AIRE, single-bloc units for the external Roof Top typed installation;
  • ROOF AIRE HP, single-bloc units for the external Roof Top installation of very crowded rooms;
  • MIXER, heat recovery devices with centrifugal fans;
  • CLIMAMIXER, heat recovery devices with centrifugal fans and auxiliary cooling units;
  • ROOM AIRE, single-bloc conditioner for the interior with water condensation.

In addition to this news, there is also the extension to 280 kW of AWC/Z-E and R407C cooling units with scroll tandem compressors.


ARTÈCH has introduced a R410A air-water chiller, with cooling power from 100 to 202 kW, with a revolutionary design. ARTÈCH gains the first Price for the HVAC&R Innovation, named by the magazine Costruire Impianti, in the air-conditioning products category.


At the Expocomfort Show Meeting the following are introduced:

  • the AWA ENERSAVE FC new series of cooling units with incorporated indirect free-cooling;
  • ENERGY HOME, a 5kW little cooling multifunction thermo-cooling group which produces hot, sanitary water to temperatures of 60°C.

At the same time the ARTÈCH range is widened and new models with cooling powers from 15 to 25 kW, R410A cooling powers as condenser and scroll compressor equipped with an inverter for continuous modulation of the cooling power supplied from 100% to 30%.

Even the ENERGY and famous SEI range of multi-function cooling groups is enriched: at the beginning of the year, a new patent is added to the two former ones. The SEI and ENERGY HWT high energy efficiency new versions with twinned scroll compressors are able to cyclically produce hot sanitary water at 70°C to realize anti-Legionella thermal cycles, particularly important in the hotel and residential sectors.

As a consequence of the present ever-increasing need to exploit renewable energy sources, a new series of EASY GHP and CWC ENERSAVE GHP geothermal heating pumps are realized.


Thermocold begins to produce high efficiency energy water-water cooling groups, with power up to 1 MW, with centrifugal compressors, with or without inverter.

DOMINO is created, the innovative idea of R410A single-bloc modular cooling groups cooled with air for external settings with axial fans and Scroll compressors built in tandem. DOMINO is covered by a set of international patents:

  • HSC: Increase of 40% of power yield and energy efficiency, thanks to the hybrid cooling.
  • EASY CHANGE: the opportunity to transform every basic module from one version into another at the site of installation.


The HOMETECH line is reconsidered and developed for residential and geothermal applications.

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