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MEX EA & MEX HP EA: performance of a leader

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The new family of high efficiency air-water chillers and heat pumps with axial fans, Scroll compressors in tandem configuration.

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  • High energy efficiency at partial loads (SCOP and SEER compliant with Ecodesign regulation)
  • Standard condensing / evaporating control with 2 steps fan speed regulation for the maximum operating reliability
  • A+ class in compliance with Ecodesign classification
  • A class in compliance with Eurovent in heating mode (COP>3.2)
  • Extended operating map in heating mode (outlet water temperature at 40°C also with -15° C of outdoor temperature)
  • Extended operating map in cooling mode, with the possibility to work also at -10 ° C of outdoor temperature, therefore suitable for industrial and process applications
  • Reduced R410a refrigerant gas content, lower than 6,5 kg for all chillers thanks to the use of micro-channels coils
  • Compact design with reduced footprint
  • DSP function (DYNAMIC SET POINT), that allows hydronic terminals to work with variable water temperature according to the outdoor temperature, thanks to a customized set point regulation following a climatic curve
  • Standard electronic expansion valve that allows to optimize the regulation minimizing the response time according to the load variation, for the maximum energy efficiency
  • Hydraulic kits (optional) with integrated water pump and tank complete with all the main hydraulic components to facilitate installation operations, reducing time, costs and space
  • 3-way valve kit (optional), managed by the electronic controller mounted on the unit, that allows domestic hot water production.

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