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The renewable advantage, the new CWC series is comining

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We are ready to enrich our product portfolio with an extreme wide range of water-cooled unit, more efficient than ever: the new CWC EA - CWC XEA - CWC HP XEA product families, water-water chillers and heat pumps with scroll compressor and plate heat exchangers for indoor installation, available in two different efficiency levels.

CWC EA - water-water chillers with cooling capacity from 52 to 699 kW,
CWC XEA - water-water high efficiency chillers with cooling capacity from 53 to 699 kW,
CWC HP XEA - water-water high efficiency heat pumps with cooling capacity from 53 to 699 kW and heating capacity from 60 to 811 kW


  • FLEXIBLE 56 basic models from 53 to 811 kW: 2 different efficiency levels available
  • COMPACT Very compact footprint with maximum width of 880 mm, with closed casing made with galvanized steel baseframe and pre-painted panels for single circuit models (optional for dual circuit models)
  • EFFICIENT at total and partial loads (EER up to 4.8, COP up to 4.2 and SEER higher than 6.5)
  • COMPLIANT to the requirements of Ecodesign 2021 and Eurovent standards
  • DOUBLE CIRCUIT configurations starting from 120 kW
  • SOPHISTICATED thanks to the integrated I-Pro advanced controller that allows full compatibility with the MULTI-MANAGER system, making possible modular combinations up to 6 units
  • VERSATILE hydraulic versions available, with dual or single ON-OFF or Inverter water pumps, available on both source and user side and integrated buffer tank
  • SILENT low noise and Super low noise versions available
  • EASY TO MANTAIN Complete accessibility to all components


  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Healthcare clinic
  • Commercial sector
  • Industrial processes


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