"Earlier and better than our competitors, a market driven team."


mission vision new

We want to be a benchmark for creativity, innovation and technology, through the research of the excellence and the supply of the best products to become leaders in the top range.

Company values

Knowledge, understanding and evaluating market needs and competitors behaviour.

Customer care, establishing a close relationship, understanding the needs and the approach to technology, transmitting value through information and support to help them to continue pursuing their potential.

Will to transfer value to customers.

Action, where time is a vital factor (time-based competition) to support and encourage the demand variety and evolution through innovation.

Ability to catch all technological, logistical, legal, political and environmental opportunities related to the contexts in which the company works.

Excellence in everything we do.

Reliability for increasing customers’ trust by offering high quality products and services, showing efficiency, responsibility and ability to predict their expectations.

Offering new opportunities, expanding the choices available to customers by identifying new business areas, conceiving new products, incorporating innovative scenarios in mature markets.

Our guide values are the research for perfection, and passion for excellence, intended as the realization of a sustainable comfort for the individual wellness, environmentally friendly industrial policies, environmental protection and energy saving.

Our resources have great values, are brilliant, creative and dynamic, animated by the fundamental values, such as enthusiasm for everything to do with customers, partners and technologies, respect for others and the complete willingness to face every day new challenges.

Objectivity, critical spirit and desire for constant improvement and full responsability in terms of commitment, results and quality respect to customers, partners, shareholders and employees: these are the core values supporting our mission to excel in making products and systems for air-conditioned residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

A competent and reliable partner who acts in such a way that every customer is the center of all our attention, as if he was every time the most important customer.

Thermocold creates value to its customers:

  • focalizing all the attention to the customer adapting the process to the customer needs instead of to force the customer to adapt his business to us
  • being a flexible company to the market demands, with an industrial approach and not in a artisan context
  • offering a wide range of products and services to meet demand for air conditioning for a large range of applications

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