Thermocold - Innovative systems for heating and air conditioning
Heating capacity:
-- kW ÷ -- kW
Cooling capacity:
52 kW ÷ 245 kW
Heat recovery:
-- kW ÷ -- kW

Product details:

Air/water chillers with plug fans and hermetic scroll compressor.

Outdoor temperature: 5°C
Max output temperature: 18°C

C: Chiller.
D/R: Energy versions (1).
LN: Acoustic versions (1).
B/M/A: Hydraulic versions without water tank (1).

• Compressors scroll.
• EC plug fan for built-in mounting.
• Water side plate heat exchanger with differential pressure switch and antifreeze protection electric heater.
• Air-cooled microchannel condenser coils with aluminum fin construction.
• Microprocessor.
• Thermostatic expansion valve.
• Casing and panels in galvanized and painted steel.
• Horizontal or vertical air flow.

- The AWC EA units are designed in compliance with the new Directive ErP 2009/125 / EC, relating to the setting of ecodesign
requirements for energy-related products.
- EC-fan permit both noise minimisation and reduction in energy consumption.
- The new EC fan HSP is suitable to work with higher speed in accordance to the condensing pressure ensuring a static pressure range from 120 Pa up to 300 Pa.

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