logo emanagerThe e-Manager+ is a web interface, available on request, which allows the monitoring and management of the unit remotely through a simple access to a web page. The connection can be made through the use of personal computer physically connected to the unit or remotely with the aid of a modem via Ethernet TCP / IP.
To access to e-Manager+ is sufficient to use the main browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari. If the on-board controller is connected to an internet network, you can easily access it through Smartphone.
The use of e-Manager+ can be strategic in the case of "special" applications, for which the constant monitoring of machines is required, thanks to the data collection function: this feature, through continuous data recording, allows the collection and the immediate display of the operating data of the unit through graphs and tables, available to the user who can easily analyze the collected data and export it in several file formats.


The e-Manager+ allows to:

- Turn on / off the unit
- Change seasonality (summer / winter)
- Change Set Points
- View active components and functions
- View the main operating variables of the unit in real time
- Display the I / O (Digital and / or Analog Inputs / Outputs) of the controller


- Display active alarms
- Reset non-serious alarms
- View graphs of the unit's operating data of one-day period
- Download the data
- Access the PLC control panel of the unit


  • Easy and immediate interaction with the unit
  • Real-time monitoring of the main operating variables
  • Simplified data analysis and interpretation
  • Easy consultation of historical data
  • Reduced time and cost of maintenance activities


  • Chillers and heat pumps
  • Chillers with Partial or Total Recovery
  • Free-cooling chillers
  • Heat pumps with 3-way valve for domestic hot water production.
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