New challenges for a sustainable future: evolution and business opportunities


SALES CONFERENCE ITALY – March 23rd and 24th 2023

It is not the strongest or most intelligent species that survives, but the one that best adapts to changes. (Charles Darwin)

The event organized in collaboration with all our Italian Agencies held in Bari on March 23rd and 24th 2023 was the right opportunity to do business in the way we like and that has always distinguished Thermocold history since its beginnings in 1995.

Meeting our sales network face to face was an experience full of positive energy, an important moment of sharing especially if we consider the period we have left behind in which handshakes and smiles were completely virtual.

During the meeting our Agents were welcomed in the city of Bari with great enthusiasm. For the occasion it was decided to give our guests a discovering experience of our city: a guided tour allowed them to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the Apulian Romanesque style, typical of the buildings and churches which embellish the old city.

After a tasty brunch on the attic of one of the most beautiful hotels in Bari which offers everyone a wonderful skyline of the Adriatic coast, we kicked off the Sales Conference Italia during which the novelties of the new business model were presented due to the integration process into Trane Technologies group. Attendees were able to explore our growing product portfolio, learn about training opportunities with webinar on solutions and on demand, receive updates on products and sales support services, and tour our factory and its production lines.

«Everyone was excited to take part in the event», said Giovanni Renna, General Manager of Thermocold. “It was amazing to get our full team together for the first time since Covid and share our future projects with each of them. It was a precious opportunity for discussion during which everyone felt the protagonist of the evolutionary process we are facing».

«New challenges for a sustainable future: evolutions and business opportunities» was an illuminating topic for our sales network which well understood the several growth opportunities we have and the tools that allow us to reach new and large goals we will once again achieve together.

At the end of the event, we presented our Agents with awards to celebrate 2022 sales successes. Among the awards recognized were: the "best seller" award, the "green solution" award, the "electrification of heating” and the “team work” awards. Congratulations to all!

At Thermocold, we inspire each other to accomplish great things for our company, our communities, and our planet. Together we know we can change the world.