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Domino and Domino Ea with Microchannel coils starting from March 2017. Featured

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Thermocold is proud to announce you that starting from March 1st, Domino and Domino Ea, in both standard efficiency and high efficiency versions, will be equipped with microchannel coils, a well-established and reliable technology, replacing the traditional copper-aluminum coils.

The use of microchannel coils, represents the ideal solution and allows to obtain several advantages such as:

  • reduced refrigerant charge, up to 37% compared to compared to equivalent units with Al-Cu fin & tube condensers.
  • reduced emissions of refrigerant into the atmosphere, in line with the FGAS regulations aimed to reduce emissions of fluorinated gases in order to achieve the EU's objectives on climate change and meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol;
  • significant reductions in weight, with several advantages, from saving cost and time needed for maintenance operations, to lower transport costs.
  • they are entirely manufactured in aluminum, 100% recyclable, and therefore fully in line with the policies for the protection and respect of environment;

New optional coatings will be available on the list price, to protect the coils and to increase the corrosion resistance and for the use in chemical risk environment.

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