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Milano, new RFI station

Thermocold cares about its customers and once again this was demonstrated with the project made for RFI Spa at its new station in Milan.

art linkedin2On the installation site, Thermocold units had been working since long time for the air conditioning of office buildings and data centers dedicated to the railway traffic monitoring system of the new lines for high-speed trains. In particular, the plant is equipped with three Thermocold HEVA FC 21000 VC B1 units with integrated hydronic kit, in full operation since 2013 and able to develop a total cooling capacity of 3000 kW.

In some cases, the intended use of a chiller may change over time depending on the application or simply due to a different use from the one expected in the plant design phase, especially in large and complex systems where the same units are intended also for other services and not only for comfort.

During an ordinary maintenance intervention it was found that the units purchased in free-cooling configuration, therefore able to produce chilled water free of charge exploiting low outdoor temperatures, were exclusively operating in chiller mode precisely because of a change in the intended use of the units.

In fact, the free-cooling units would have continued to work in chiller mode only, with reduced performances compared to those that a standard chiller could have guaranteed and the customer wouldn’t have been fully satisfied.

“What about to change the condenser coils?
Water rows are not used and
they only cause inefficiency”.

art linkedin3So the after-sales service, with the support of the Engineering Dep., suggested a customized solution for the customer, proposing to replace the free-cooling coils with new custom designed coils with an optimized circuit and refrigerant distribution.

With installation made by the local service center together with Thermocold technicians, who attended the operation, the replacement of coils have therefore guaranteed maximum system efficiency.

The result is a consistent increase in performance, maximum system reliability and customer satisfaction, always at the top of the Thermocold business objectives.

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