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Thermocold presents MEX EXR, the new air-water heat pumps family

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Thermocold presents MEX EXR, the new air-water heat pumps family with innovative vapor injection system compressors, the perfect solution in areas characterized by very cold climates!


Available in 3 models from 22 to 39 kW!

  • RELIABLE even at very low outdoor temperatures thanks to vapor injection compressors.
  • VERSATILE with an operating map extended up to -20 ° C of outdoor temperature, that allows to reach 65 ° C of hot water temperature.
  • FLEXIBLE the unit provides, in addition to the summer and winter air-conditioning, also domestic hot water production thanks to the possibility of managing a three-way valve.
  • ECOLOGICAL compared to traditional boilers.
  • EFFICIENT at total and partial loads (COP up to 3,44 and SCOP up to 3,06).
  • SOPHISTICATED thanks to the integrated advanced controller that allows full compatibility with the MULTI-MANAGER system, making possible modular combinations up to 6 units.

The unit is designed to produce hot water up to 65 ° C with -10°C of outdoor temperature and up to 55°C with -20°C of outdoor temperature, thanks to the characteristic extended operation map, becoming the perfect solution in case of installation in areas characterized by very cold climates.


  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Apartments
  • Private houses
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Healthcare clinic
  • Commercial sector
  • Industrial processes

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