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DOMINO HP XEA: make the old new!

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Thermocold presents the new DOMINO HP XEA product family, MODULAR and extra COMPACT heat pump with heating capacities from 56 to 131 kW, that satisfy the minimum requirements of the Ecodesign 2018 standards and the Eurovent standards, also presenting distinctive features in the HVAC market

  • MODULAR APPLICATIONS combinations up to 6 units of equal or different capacity (2-pipe systems) are possible with MULTI-MANAGER.
  • VERSATILE 11 basic models from 56 to 131 kW which can be combined among them, up to a maximum number of 6, in order to reach the wished power.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHT thanks to the innovative design that optimizes the overall dimensions.
  • ECOLOGICAL designed to optimize energy consumption.
  • EFFICIENT high efficiency at total and partial loads (COP up to 3,17, SCOP up to 3,42 and SEER up to 4,00).
  • EASY TO INSTALL The installation of units in modular configuration is facilitated by the new hydraulic connection kit that allows an easy and quick connection of the individual modules.
  • EASY TO HANDLE thanks to the compact and light design.
  • EASY TO MANTAIN Complete accessibility of all components and easily removable electrical panel.


DOMINO HP XEA, a highly FLEXIBLE solution that finds perfect application in the field of building renovation for the replacement of existing units, in case of expansion of plants thanks to modular combinations, in the buildings of historic centers or with static problems, or rather for all those installations in limited spaces or with architectural constraints.

The modularity, possible thanks to the MULTI-MANAGER, also ensures RELIABILITY and continuous operation without any plant shutdown. In case of failure, maintenance or repair of one of the units of the system, the remaining continue to operate.

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  • Replacement of existing units
  • Buildings in the historic centers
  • Buildings with static problems
  • Expansion of plants

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