We create sustainable comfort

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we create sustainable comfort

Our mission is the foundation of everything we do. We create sustainable comfort providing electrified heating and cooling solutions. We want to secure a green future for next generations reducing buildings' energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our product portfolio has been designed to offer solutions aimed to achieve 2030 global sustainability targets.


The Thermocold chillers range has been designed to guarantee the highest efficiency standards on the market and to offer our customers a versatile and innovative solution.
Compliant with the ErP energy efficiency requirements in force in Europe from 1 January 2021, related to all comfort and process chillers, the range offers a wide choice of models and configurations with seasonal energy efficiency values SEER up to 4, 67 and SEPR HT up to 5,95 and ensures excellent performance thanks to a careful selection of components among the best on the market.

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Did you know that almost 53% of the energy demand for HVAC systems in buildings comes from space heating only? Providing comfort heating in schools, hospitals, hotels and factories represent the most important end-use of the energy demand. Can you imagine the huge amont of energy that could be saved by only renovating the existing and unefficient heating systems still using gas boilers replacing them by heat pumps? Thermocold approaches this challenge with a broad offering of heating solutions aimed to maximize efficiency levels, with the purpose to cut Product Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030, to create an even stronger, sustainable future for our planet.

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Created to guarantee the user a green and low consumption solution, the Multifunctional technology has been designed behind the key principle of "Energy Recovery". The unit is able to recover the heat that, in a traditional heat pump, should be dissipated in atmosphere, using it to heat other spaces of the building or to produce hot water for domestic uses. Multifunctional units are considered as the lowest energy consumption solution: for every €/kW spent for the comfort of the building you could get up to 7≈8 kW of capacity for cooling and heating your space. The advantage for the planet is double both in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, both compared to the classic heat pump, and above all, compared to systems composed by boiler + heath pump.

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