AWA-Revolution! Discover all the news about the range with R454B!

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The research for ever more efficient and competitive solutions does not stop… we are happy to present some news involving AWA range with R454B:
- AWA HP XEA/SEA, air-water heat pumps with scroll compressors
- AWA XEA/SEA, air-water chillers with scroll compressors
which aim at improving performance and competitiveness of the range.


- AWA HP XEA -> 10 new models with heating capacity from 130 up to 340 kW
- AWA HP SEA -> 10 new models in a new high efficiency version with EC fans with heating capacity from 130 kW to 340 kW
- AWA XEA -> 12 new sizes with cooling capacity from 137 up to 420 kW
- AWA SEA -> 12 new sizes with cooling capacity from 137 up to 420 kW in the new high efficiency configuration with EC fans


- High performances for heat pump units with an average increase of EER +7%, COP +2% and SCOP +13% compared to previous models;
High performances for chiller units with an average EER equal to +4%, average SEER equal to +6% compared to current models;
New THERMOLOGIC advanced controller:

  • High reliability of performance data;
  • Extensive range of available options;
  • Touch screen 7'';
  • Predictive management of the electronic expansion valve;
  • Additional algorithms to better protect the drive;
  • Graphics that can be customized by the customer to adapt the operation of the unit to specific needs;
  • Detail of all types of alarms;
  • More historical data;
  • More secure remote connections.
Smaller footprint for the 338 kW (095 size) of heat pump model thanks to the transition from the 4V to 3V platform;
Smaller footprint for the chillers models from 290 up to 420 kW (sizes from 085 up to 125) thanks to the transition from the 4V to 3V platform.
Extended operating map: the units of AWA HP SEA and AWA HP XEA range are suitable for COMFORT and PROCESS applications and in heating mode they guarantee a perfect operation down to -18°C of external air and are capable of producing water up to at a maximum temperature of 60°C.

To find out all the construction features of the units, the technical data and the models available, you can download the technical data sheets available on our website in the dedicated product pages AWA HP SEA , AWA HP XEA, AWA SEA and AWA XEA.

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