Maintenance contracts

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Plan interventions and save operating costs!

A regular preventive maintenance has always been the key to ensure peak performance of your HVAC system over time and to increase its lifetime. Your HVAC system has been designed to run for a long time, even longer than you imagine: without a proper maintenance plan, these systems can suffer performance losses over time and lose efficiency year after year.
Scheduling regular preventive maintenance can guarantee your system the ideal operating conditions and maximum energy savings.

The right maintenance plan will allow you to:
- prevent inconveniences or anomalies that can generate more expensive problems, saving on direct and indirect costs;
- save on operations, up to 25% of costs;
- save on energy, as scheduled maintenance ensures maximum efficiency for your refrigeration unit.

By preventing sudden breakdowns, you can avoid expensive repairs or unexpected plant shutdowns, simply by carrying out adequate constant monitoring and maintenance.

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