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HIDEWALL represents the most advanced product concept combining to multifunctional technology a new installation format compared to traditional pattern.

In fact Hidewall is the first system for winter space heating, summer air  conditioning and hot sanitary water production for a built into wall installation, totally invisible on the building’s façade.

The built into wall installation allows to integrate in the architectural context the unit designed for the apartment air conditioning, allowing architects to make a cleaner aesthetics of the building and the house builder to do not allocate large surfaces to the heating and air conditioning systems.


The use of new compression technologies, ecological refrigerant such as R134 and the skills gained thanks to a long know-how in multifunctional technology have allowed us to present a new product for residential applications with an extended operating range compared to traditional heat pumps, working with outdoor temperature up to -20°C and producing hot water for space heating and sanitary uses up to 75°C.

Operation with radiators

Outdoor air temperature -20°C > Temperature water out from 35°C to 62°C.
Con temperatura esterna -15°C > Temperature water out from 35°C to 68°C.
Con temperatura esterna -10°C > Temperature water out from 35°C to 75°C.

HIDEWALL provides hot water in every season without the use of the three-way valve, ensuring FREE hsw production during summer, thanks to heat condensing recovery.

Producing hot water at such high temperature makes this product comparable to traditional boilers in producing instant hot water and also allows to reduce the water tanks capacity and overall dimensions otherwise needed for a boiler.



The water temperature is reached with high efficiency at a higher temperature than traditional heat pumps.
The temperature reached is enough high to avoid the legionella bacteria and the system is also able to activate automatically an antilegionella cycle as needed.


hidewall3Hidewall is designed as a plug&play system: the only duty for the installer is to connect the power supply and the terminal units. Hidewall includes all the accessories needed as the water storage and the variable flow rate circulators as standard.


Thanks to a hydraulic kit including all the required accessories, the unit can be quickly connected with the thermal solar panels.

Hot sanitary water built-in water tank (130lt capacity)

All the sizes are equipped with a 130lt  capacity water tank for hot sanitary water production. In compliance with the aim of minimizing the overall dimensions, this solution allows to optimize spaces without necessary having a technical compartment to place a water storage.

Finally, due to the water tank large capacity it is possible to ensure hot sanitary water even with a high demand.


Hydraulic kit for direct connection with the thermal solar panel

The SI energetic version is equipped with a thermal solar panel integration kit that allows to directly mix hot sanitary water into the water tank, ensuring a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Adjustable ste points for any user

It is possible to manage different and completely indipendent set points for winter space heating and hsw purposes. In this way the units works with different COP, one for winter space heating and one for hot sanitary water production, obtaining a considerable increase in the unit performance during the whole year.

hidewall5The Dynamic Set Point allows to optimize the energy supplied to the user for the entire operating period of the unit.  The set point is automatically adjusted according to the building thermal load, always ensuring always ensuring an optimal water temperature supplied to the terminals, providing only the required cooling/heating capacity according to the outdoor temperature.  In this way it is possible to obtain significant energy saving while maintaining the optimum comfort conditions even when the unit works with extreme temperatures.

hidewall7The Dynamic Logic Control allows to the electronic controller  to adjust the temperature difference between the inlet water temperature to the unit according to its rate. The dLC ensure a reduction of the compressor’s start up and consequently also higher energy savings.


Digital Defrost


A new defrosting technology has been implemented in the electronic ocntrol system. This technology is able to reduce to zero the production of negative energy towards the plant during defrosting, when a heat pump normally use to switch the cycle in chiller mode producing cold water. The Digital Defrost is a digital self-adaptive defrosting system able to prevent the production of frost that works only in case of effective presence of frost on the coils’fins. The unit is subjected to a significantly reduced number of defrost cycles. The reduction of mechanical stress, due to the cycle inversion during heating mode, implies an increase in the life cycle of the unit, as well as improving the comfort felt by the user.



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