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DUO: Double stage heat pumps. Print E-mail

Thermocold, first in the world, presents an innovative double stage multifunctional unit, not only tested to produce hot water with temperatures up to 80 ° C in any condition of outdoor temperature up to -20 ° C, but as excellent plus in winter, unlike the common heat pumps, is able to keep the heating capacity constant when outdoor temperature decrease.



The advantages of the boiler and chiller in a single packaged unit for summer and winter air conditioning and production of sanitary hot water, in a full inverter technological complex.

The DUO line covered by international patent, overcome the traditional concepts of heat pump, offering in a single product the possibility to produce chilled water in summer, hot water in winter and to produce free hot sanitary water all year round with a single system, using only renewable energy with zero emissions and an higher COP compared to the heat pumps currently available on the market.

The range of the heating capacity covers a very wide range of needs from residential, to commercial and industrial, with heating capacity of 7 kW to 500 kW.

Duo is available in, a multifunctional version for a global air conditioning including the production of HSW, only heat pump where it is not necessary to provide hot HSW and only heating version that can provide HSW.



Drastic reduction of accumulation of HSW possible thanks to the production of instantaneous sanitary hot water

due to the high temperatures of production in any condition of the winter temperatures. The issue is very important especially in the morning where the traditional HP struggle to provide the necessary HSW for the whole family.


Inverter technologies

The manage of compressors, fans and pumps, allow to reduce the power consumption in part load conditions, and increase the comfort level with high energy saving



Most useful life cycle of the components

The compressor in the DUO works always and continuously to the point of greatest isentropic efficiency with an optimal and constant compression ratio, while in the HP when we moving away from the optimal conditions, with low outdoor temperatures the compression ratio dramatically increases, worsening the isentropic efficiency and reducing the useful life of the compressor.



Double set point: for the sanitary hot water and winter heating.


For the sanitary hot water and winter heating. The up to date electronics of DUO allows to set different and independent outlet for HSW, winter heating and summer cooling.

This allows an improvement of energy efficiency and COP as well as reduce the installation time thanks to a simple PLUG & PLAY system.






Sanitizing legionella

To prevent the phenomenon of the Legionella DUO is equipped with an AUTOMATIC CYCLE that independently of the user, automatically actives a cycle at high temperature for the minutes required to purify the whole circuit.

Obviously working at 80 ° C, the cycle becomes very fast compared to traditional systems where you need to activate the electrical heaters.

Reduce harmful emissions



The DUO solution is able to provide a lower impact to the environment compared to the best fuel technology and supposing to ideally replace all combustion system, traditional heat pumps, ensuring higher COP in any condition.

Considering that today the air conditioning is made in the most cases with combustion systems, ideally thinking to replace all combustion plants with heat pumps, we will drastically reduce environmental emissions of greenhouse gases. Also according to SCHERHPA (research for sustainable heat and energy for heat pump application) within 2030 the annual carbon emissions produced by heating of a typical house of the EU could decrease from 8 to 1 CO2 tons thanking to the use of the heat pump technology.


High energy efficiency

The DUO reaches efficiency values much higher than the traditional heat pumps that very often have to use auxiliary electric heaters to keep the necessary heating capacity for space heating.


Operation in extreme conditions

These units can operates even in climate conditions caracterized by very low outdoor temperatures up to -40°C in the polar temperature version.

Reduced maintenance

DUO does not require annual inspection as the traditional heating systems supplied by gas and diesel, therefore it is more convenient and cheaper. No chimney or fuel store are necessary. Maintenance costs are much lower compared to standard systems.

No legal costraint

The DUO unit has the advantage to be exempt from the typical inspection and maintenance requirements prescribed by the current regulations for traditional system, classic combustion boilers.


hidewall5Enables the setting of different work parameters by adjusting the set-point to ensure optimized water supply temperatures of the user terminals providing always only the energy required , as a function of the outdoor temperature.

T-Clima System

Allows you to view and manage the operating parameters of each terminal unit and those of each single zone, managing up to 70 hydronic terminal units divided into 9 zones and with chronothermostat function.
The system can be integrated with additional preinstalled systems, such us boilers with high efficiency or solar collectors, managing together the parameters of all the systems to achieve the desired output: energy saving and environmental respect.




polivalentiFor us they’re not a product but a SYSTEM

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hidewall_smallAir-Water multifunction unit for a built into wall installation

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duo_new_iconaThe new DUO product family... more efficiency and less CO2 emissions

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eco2_small_newEco2, is a natural solution for the enviroment threats....
it uses CO2 as the cooling gas.

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ArtèchArtéch, the innovation enter in the design world.

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Domino (New version)

domino_smallDomino, the innovative line of self-contained air cooled modular refrigeration units.

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