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Apartment, flat, villas Apartment buildings Mall, shopping center
Cinema and theaters Executive centers Offices
Banks, insurance Hospitals, medical centers Welness
Telecomunications Datacenter New media

Operating modes

Heating only
Hot sanitary water only
Heating and hot sanitary water
Air conditioning, chilled water only
Reversible heat pump
Heat pump heating, air conditioning and hot sanitary water
Multifunction 4 pipes for heating, air conditioning and hot sanitary water
Four pipes
Hydronic kit


Cooling capacity Heating capacity
Heat recovery capacity    

Winter operating temperatures

Minimum outdoor temperature
Max outlet water temperature

Energy savings

Full inverter

Refrigerant gas

R410A R407c
R134A R410A+R134a

Unit type

Air to water Water to water
Air to air Double cycle
Multifunction with hot sanitary water Multifunction 4 pipes
Geotermal application  


Rotary compressor Scroll compressor
Screw compressor Reciprocating compressor
Inverter compressor  


Axial fan Centrifugal fan