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ECO 2 WATER: the evolution of the R744

eco2 logoWater-water heat generator environmentally friendly refrigerant CO 2 for hot water production

Pursuing with conviction, the use of natural refrigerants and in particular carbon dioxide, as the only real and concrete contribution to the protection of the environment, with a gas at zero impact on the ozone layer (ODP = 0), we have expanded the assortment of range AX ECO2 air cooled, with the market launch of the W series ECO2, heat pumps with CO2- cooled water.


eco2 wwWith an extensive range of power heating and cooling , over 1000 kw, the ECO2 W represents a cutting-edge solution not only in the field of civil applications, and service sectors , but particularly in  an innovative solution in the field of industrial processes. In fact, thanks to the high temperatures of water production  up to 90 ° C , the use as an energy source to the condenser / evaporator of the waste water treatment of the production processes allows to obtain very high COP up to 12, achieving energy savings far greater than products that use HCFC refrigerant gases.

Again first in the market, we have raised the bar with an energy saving product that will satisfy the most different systems and energy needs, with particular attention to all applications of industrial process.

As this is a highly custom, which requires a problem solving approach to customer requirements, please contact our Sales Department for the necessary technical and commercial support .

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