Thermocold - Innovative systems for heating and air conditioning
Heating capacity:
-- kW ÷ -- kW
Cooling capacity:
48 kW ÷ 232 kW
Heat recovery:
-- kW ÷ -- kW

Product details:

Air/water chillers with axial fans and scroll compressors with inverter.

Outdoor temperature: 5°C
Max output temperature: 18°C

High efficiency air/water chillers with inverter and microchannels coils. 

H: Heat pump
SL: Acoustic version 
B/M/A: Hydraulic kit including n. 1 or 2 pumps.

EPIC units are equipped with microchannel coils, ideal solution that allows to obtain several advantages such as:
  • reduced refrigerant charge, up to 37% compared to compared to equivalent units with Al-Cu fin & tube condensers.
  • reduced emissions of refrigerant into the atmosphere, in line with the FGAS regulations aimed to reduce emissions of fluorinated gases in order to achieve the EU's objectives on climate change and meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol;
  • significant reductions in weight, with several advantages, from saving cost and time needed for maintenance operations, to lower transport costs;
  • the coils are are entirely manufactured in aluminum, 100% recyclable, and therefore fully in line with the policies for the protection and respect of environment. 
INVERTER technology: maximum efficiency at partial loads
The use of inverter compressors permit to optimize performances according to the real request of the plant, ensuring the maximum efficiency at partial loads.

- The EPIC units are designed in compliance with the new Directive ErP 2009/125 / EC
- The use of inverter allows the unit to partialize the total power down to 15%.
- The use of inverter compressors reduces the inrush current to avoid the need of soft starter devices, avoiding the use of additional components for power factor correction.
- ESEER values are up to 30% higher than on-off  compressor units 
- Sound level highly reduced with  partial loads
- The function DYNAMIC SET POINT allows to change simultaneously the set point to achieve always the conditions of best comfort and, above all, the maximum energy saving.

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Latest references
Project: Offices building Germany
Offices building Germany

Application type: OFFICES
Product name: EPIC 170 Z C SL B1 - Power: 70kW

Project: Military zone_Varsavia_Poland
Military zone_Varsavia_Poland

Application type: MILITARY ZONE
Product name: EPIC 140 ZC B1 - Power: 40kW

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