Heating capacity:
-- kW ÷ -- kW
Cooling capacity:
53 kW ÷ 700 kW
Heat recovery:
-- kW ÷ -- kW

Product details:

HIGH EFFICIENCY water cooled chillers with scroll compressors for indoor installation. Available also with low GWP R454B refrigerant!

Outdoor temperature: -7°C
Max output temperature: 61°C


C: Chiller
LN/SL: Acoustic versions
B1/A1/A2: Hydraulic versions user side
SB/SA/XA: Hydraulic versions user side with water tank 
L1/H1/H2: Hydraulic versions source side

-  Fully Ecodesign compliant range
-  Very compact footprint 
-  Closed Frame (standard or optional depending on the size),
-  Low noise and Super Low noise versions, 
-  Multiple hydraulic configurations as option 


-  Scroll compressors for high part load efficiency,
-  High efficiency Plate heat exchangers,
-  Electronic expansion valve standard on each size,
-  Advanced controller for whole range,
-  Hydraulic version with dual or single ON-OFF or Inverter water pumps, available on both source and user side  and integrated buffer tank,
  Closed casing made with galvanized steel baseframe and pre-painted panels for single circuit models (optional for dual circuit models).


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