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ENERGY Recovery Leaders

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energy recovery leaders

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ENERGY - Air/water multifunctional unit 2 + 2 pipe

Created to guarantee the user a green and low consumption solution, its name comes from "Energy Recovery", the key principle behind its design. The unit is able to recover the heat that, in a traditional heat pump, should be dissipated in atmosphere, using it to produce hot water for domestic uses. The result is an "All-in-one" system that guarantees the user summer and winter air conditioning together with the domestic hot water production, everything in a single device replacing all traditional mixed systems boiler + chiller and boiler + heath pump. The advantage for the planet is double both in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, both compared to the classic heat pump, and above all, compared to systems composed by boiler + heath pump.

energy recovery leaders2

What do you know about Multifunctional units?

The multifunctional units guarantees summer/winter air conditioning and domestic hot water production according to the load demands. The unit can work in several operating modes, each one independent from the others.

    The unit works in chiller mode, dissipating the heat through a finned coil heat exchanger.

  • HEATING MODE for space heating
    The unit works in heat pump mode only, to supply the heat exchanger dedicated to air-conditioning, producing high temperature water and managing defrost cycles needed.

  • HEATING MODE for domestic hot water production
    Differently from a traditional heat pump, the hot water for sanitary uses is produced at higher temperatures through a dedicated heat exchanger, which works independently from the air conditioning heat exchanger.

  • COOLING MODE + HEATING MODE for domestic hot water production
    The unit works in chiller mode and provides domestic water for free simultaneously, thanks to the total recovery of the condensation heat.

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Multifunctional units are considered as the lowest energy consumption solution...
Do you know why?
Have you ever heard about TER?

The complex technology of multi-functional units requires an advanced measurement rating able to consider also its heating recovery capabilities in the calculation of the real efficiency.
TER is the unique index officially recognised by Eurovent for measuring the performance of a multi-functional unit while it is working in simultaneous cooling and heating mode.
It is calculated as the ratio between the sum of the heating and cooling capacity supplied to the plant and electrical power input. The TER reaches its maximum value when the two opposite loads are completely balanced.

The more balanced are the plant loads, the higher is the TER: it can even reach values up to 7≈8 when the heating and cooling loads are completely balanced!

This means that for every €/kWh spent for the comfort of the building you could get up to 7≈8 kW of capacity for cooling and heating your space.

That's why a multifuncional unit guarantees the best ever energy saving!

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ENERGY multifunctional unit is equipped with an Advanced controller that gives the unit very high versatility to better satisfy your needs with a click…
Increase of versatility is obtained by the possibility to choose among 5 different operating ways. Moreover, selecting an Automatic mode, the controller will adapt the operating cycle to the plant demand according to the maximum energy saving. You can choose the best Automatic operating mode among:

- AUTO SUMMER MODE ➡ Space cooling + FREE domestic hot water production
- AUTO WINTER MODE ➡ Space heating + Domestic hot water production The AUTO SUMMER mode allows to obtain space cooling and FREE dhw production thanks to the heat recovery. You can also decide to use ENERGY when only one thermal load is required, working as a simple chiller or as a heat pump.
Space cooling
Space heating
Only Domestic hot water production

For example, during middle seasons when space heating and cooling are not required you could choose the dhw only mode for hot sanitary water production.

What are you wainting for? Choose ENERGY for your planet planet icon

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