New iMEX-N with R290

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We are thrilled to present you as first preview the new range of air to water heat pumps iMEX-N from 8 to 30 kW of heating capacity, specifically designed for green refrigerant propane R290, suitable for comfort heating and cooling applications. 

Main selling points of iMEX-N range

  • The use of Propane R290, a solution designed for the maximum sustainability;
  • High efficiency: full inverter technology (on compressors and fans) permits to achieve very high efficiency in all working conditions;
  • Wide Heating Operating Map: heat pump operates down to -20°C of outdoor air, providing hot water of 75°C at 0°C of outdoor air temperature;
  • Good replacement for gas boilers in older light commercial buildings;
  • Package solution: plug & play unit thanks to the integrated hydronic module;
  • Quiet operation: optimized for low noise emissions in every condition;
  • Easy installation and maintenance.

Feel free to contact us to receive preliminary quotations of iMEX-N units with R290, air to water heat pumps with heating capacity from 8 to 30 kW!

Read the presentation for more info.

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